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Supporting women to align with their divine purpose and relax into ease and confidence to express their work out into the world.

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Retreats | Aesha Kennedy

Gift yourself S P A C E and re-connect to the inner calm, presence, and creative spirit that aligns you with your true being and purpose.

Yoga | Aesha Kennedy

Yoga opens, exposes, embraces, disposes, strengthens, softens, peels and reveals.

Yin Yoga and Yin-Hatha yoga

Brilliant Misfits is a podcast about women who don’t fit in and explores how they are creating amazing lives and businesses by following the beat of their own heart and being true to who they are. Listen and subscribe. It’s free.

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Hello beautiful soul,

You’re a woman who cares and feels deeply. Always have.

You have many ideas you’d love to  create 

But fear says you’re ideas are crap,

you’re not worthy of success,

not creative enough,

not good enough, smart enough, skilled enough.

And your ideas often don’t get started or finished.

Imagine what you could  create without those fears.

How would it feel to confidently take the actions that will

bring your soul purpose work into the world?

My Coaching Programs,  Retreats, Meditations 

help align women with their divine purpose and joyfully create  

their ideas from seed to blossom

“Be True to You, and Be Brilliant.”

– Aesha Kennedy


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