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I’m a big fan of the Artist Way book by Julia Cameron. One of the foundations in recovering your creative self and unblocking creative flow are the weekly Artist Dates. If you have difficulty with the word artist, as some do, you can use the term ‘self-love’ date.  Or better yet, ‘artist self-love date’, which is what I’ve come to call them. 

It’s dedicated time we give to ourselves. To love and nurture our creative spirit.

In practice, I’d often get stumped at what to do, what date this week? and then not do it. So I sat and compiled a few ideas which I share here. Please feel free to add more in the comments so we can share ideas of things we can do for our weekly artist self-love dates and get our creative expressions out into the world.

Click the link below:

Twenty Ideas for Artist Self-Love Dates

Twenty Ideas for Artist Self-Love Dates

(You can also right click the link above to “save link as” and download on your computer)

To your creative self,


064: BE your Human Design | Caroline Southwell
063: Create Time to Create
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