opens, exposes, embraces, disposes, strengthens, softens, peels and reveals

I’ve practiced yoga for over 30 years and have taught classes for over 25 years. We are each uniquely individual and if yoga has shown me anything it’s about knowing and being true to oneself and offering that integrity in service to a higher purpose or dharma.


Classes are suitable for beginners and experienced. Variations are given to honor your level of practice.

I teach Yin style yoga and a combination of Yin and Hatha that moves us from deep long holding stretches on the floor into a fluid vinyasa of standing poses and ends with breath expansion (pranayama), meditation, and lying down yoga nidra relaxation.

Before we practice strengthening and more challenging poses we start class by practicing Yin poses that encourage us to soften and be in stillness where we become receptive and open to possibilities.

Training our focus of attention to be fully aware of the breath, body sensations, thoughts and feelings as they arise without embellishing or diminishing any experience that flows through us is the foundation for mindful meditation practice that can be practiced anywhere, anytime.



63 Stuart St. Suite 1, Mullumbimby,
NSW Australia

(upstairs 2nd floor)

Monday & Thursday 9-10:30 new times starting 30th April

YIN – HATHA  all levels

Monthly Saturdays 10 – 11:30am
(2nd Saturday of month) YIN YOGA IMMERSION



Whether you’re sitting in traditional cross-leg pose, or walking on an open beach, practicing mindful meditation is one of the most valuable practices. It is a non-negotiable part of my daily life. I encourage everyone to find a meditation practice that works for you and make it a part of your life.

“A wonderful Yin-Hatha yoga session. The pacing was such that we rested in savasana and integrated what we had just done quite a few times and for me this was like a reset. I liked that we did pranayama during the session too which always grounds me. So lots of little resets adding up to one big reset at the end to come away feeling grounded and refreshed.”

Rhonda G.

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