Blossom Coaching

Qualified coaching support and spiritual mentoring to help you move from busy to calm, powerful creator. Get more done joyfully by doing less  

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Retreats | Aesha Kennedy

Gift yourself S P A C E and re-connect to the inner calm, presence, and creative spirit that aligns you with your true being and purpose.

Yoga | Aesha Kennedy

Yoga opens, exposes, embraces, disposes, strengthens, softens, peels and reveals.

Yin Yoga and Yin-Hatha yoga

Brilliant Misfits is a podcast about women who don’t fit in and explores how they are creating amazing lives and businesses by following the beat of their own heart and being true to who they are. Listen and subscribe. It’s free.

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 I help sensitive, empathic womxn excel in business by simplifying, slowing down, and unleashing their creativity.


Learn ways to connect more deeply with your


Creative Self


and your innate


Shakti Power


your feminine creative energy 


 Self-doubt, overwhelm, and busyness often come about when we are trying to do business in the old ways


(I talk about this more on my ABOUT page)



Shakti Power is a way of being in business that is


collaborative, inclusive, shared collective wisdom, creative flow


Ways that don’t need forcing and pushing to ‘make it happen’.


My work supports strengthening the inner ‘strategies’ of intuition, creativity, body-sense to help you create the outer scaffold for your business that feels harmonious with who you are and your lifestyle.


BlossOm Coaching Packages •  Retreats • Group Programs 


For women who are ready to increase their prosperity with more calm, ease, creativity and fun 




“I came back [home] to some large issues at work.  The great thing is though, I dealt with it all entirely without anxiety.  The calm and peace ripples on.”


~CWBrown – Australia 


“I feel deep transformation has taken place and I look forward to what wonder lies ahead for me. Thank you Aesha for beautifully holding the space for me to learn, transform, grow.”


~Vanessa M. – Australia 


 “Be True to You and Be Brilliant.”  


– Aesha Kennedy 


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Are you content?

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