For highly sensitive, empathic women who are ready to do business differently and with ease, creativity and joy

Learn ways to connect more deeply with your Creative Self and your innate Shakti Power,

your feminine creative energy.

Self-doubt, overwhelm, and busyness often come about when we are trying to do business in the old ways that don’t align with our Shakti nature.

Feminine creative power is collaborative, inclusive, shared collective wisdom, and creative flow. When we are grounded in this energy there is no forcing and pushing to ‘make it happen’.

We will work together to facilitate strengthening the inner ‘strategies’ of intuition, creativity, body-sense to build the outer scaffold in your business that feels harmonious with who you are and your lifestyle.

Qualified coaching support and spiritual mentoring to help you move from busy to calm, powerful creator. Get more done joyfully by doing less... read more  

Gift yourself S P A C E and re-connect to the inner calm, presence, and creative spirit that aligns you with your true being and purpose... read more

Join in circle with other women. Group programs that strengthen your feminine creative power and bring more yin qualities into your business strategy... read more

Yoga opens, exposes, embraces, disposes, strengthens, softens, peels and reveals. Yin Yoga and Yin-Hatha yoga... read more

"I feel really clear that my weirdness is my superpower, my differentiator and my best business asset. I also feel unashamed about weaving my unique approach into my brand and my offering. That means my website is something I love and I can talk about things I care about in my business. It also means my clients are naturally more aligned with my deepest values.


Making time for creativity has become more like breathing and less like a hobby. It’s become a part of my soul’s cheerfulness that I really can’t actually live without anymore. It’s been beautifully woven into my self care and habits so that I can keep up the output as a mother and a business woman and a partner and all the other things I am. It’s not negotiable."

Natasha Berta - Connected Marketing

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