001: Heal the Heart of your Business with Lisa Fitzpatrick

LisaFHealing the Heart of Your Business with Lisa Fitzpatrick.

Lisa is a best-selling author, founder of Sacred Womens Business, a certified life coach, yoga teacher, speaker, workshop facilitator, registered physiotherapist, and mother.

She shares her personal story of how not fitting in catapulted her as a single mom to create a thriving business dedicated to supporting women to find their unique purpose, heal their business, and enjoy holistic success as an empowered feminine leader.

She explains how applying the ancient wisdom held in the energies of the north, south, east and west poles can help women create a sustainable business that they love and that loves them back by:

  • Recommitting to your deeper life purpose
  • Fine tune the feminine art of receiving for greater abundance
  • Ways to honour your physical body for sustainability
  • Tools to break through mental blocks to success¬†

You can connect with Lisa Fitzpatrick at www.lisafitzpatrick.com.au or contact her at lisa@sacredwomensbusiness.com.au

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