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swapnaOwn Your Zone with Swapna Thomas

“Being able to take a stand for our message is the idea behind courage”

Swapna Thomas is a business mentor helping women entrepreneurs own their zone and create an unmissable online presence while staying unapologetically true to themselves.

She shares her fascinating personal story of growing up in India and how she created a successful online business.

She now helps women all over the world do the same by owning their zone of genius and creating powerful content.

Topics highlighted

The power of content:

  • Using the power of content to be visible, authentic and communicate that to your audience.
  • communicate with passion and vigour.
  • What stands in the way of being able to do that.
  • What will help support you in creating your online business

Born to hard-working and highly conscientious parents, Swapna was a bit different from the beginning. Her unsuspecting parents named me Swapna, which literally translates into ‘dream’, without realising that this would become her life mantra.

Swapna started her online biz journey with a parenting blog that grew from 8 pageviews/month to 80,000 pageviews/month. She was featured in national newspapers, magazines and awarded with the best parenting blog award! She created a full time income from what was a distraction from her mundane life.

But then she wanted more: Not just more income, but more creative freedom, more impact in the world and more lives to change. After a lot of soul searching, she decided to train as a coach from ICF and became a certified business coach. Because of her own online journey she decided to help other women who were creating a sustainable online business.

Swapna’s Mission

“I brought myself back from the brink of invisibility and loss of self-identity to a more confident yet content life. I want to do the same for other women who might be feeling lost but still driven to create a life of their dreams. I am fiercely committed to helping passionate, high achievers and other Hermione Grangers of the world to create a more visible, more aligned and more profitable online business.”

Formal Bio:

Business mentor who helps women entrepreneurs create an unmissable online presence while staying unapologetically true to themselves.

Method: Practical + actionable strategies with a dash of intuition.

Real Bio :” I am the Hermione Granger/Elizabeth Bennet/Katniss Everdeen of the business world, who helps women who are tired of people being snubbed because they don’t fit the norm, aren’t afraid to speak their mind and are a bit of a “know-it-all”.

Connect with Swapna Thomas

website:  http://SwapnaThomas.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SwapnaThomasCoaching/

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/myvoicemymessage/

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