006: SLOW down, Tune IN, and THRIVE with Star Depres

Feminine Wisdom|Star DepresFeminine Wisdom for an Inspired Life with Star Depres

“My passion is to empower and inspire you to slow down, tune in and find a more gentle and feminine approach to how you show up in your life.”

Star Despres is passionate about gently supporting busy, sensitive women to slow down, reconnect with their inner wisdom and find a more feminine approach to how they show up in life.

Her work comes from a deep understanding after her personal journey through the dark night of the soul. She shares what’s helped her find a new way that embraces the feminine and wholehearted honoring of self and why she is moved to share that wisdom with other women.


  • Not going back to the way things were, but “future gazing” to what’s possible
  • Simple practices that you can start today to slow down and receive
  • Exploring what it means to live aligned with the feminine


Her work offerings include

  • Restorative & feminine yoga
  • Replenish Retreats for women
  • Womens Workshops
  • Private sessions (including online)


Connect with Star

Website: www.divinestar.com.au


Work with Star 


Star Despres is a warm-hearted Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer specialising in Women’s Health, Mindfulness Mentor, Feminine Embodiment Coach, Inspired Writer and Conscious Rest Specialist.

“I’m also a visionary, adventurer and mama.  Witch, dreamer and rebel. Guardian of nature, free spirit, and lifetime member of the global sisterhood.”


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