008: Birth your Truth with Angela Fitzgerald

Birth Your TruthBirth Your Truth with Angela Fitzgerald

Healing Women from Birth Experiences

no matter how long ago it was

Angela helps women breakfree of guilt, sadness, anger and shame from abortion, miscarriage and childbirth. She supports women to let go of any past pain so they can live fulfilling empowered lives now.
She talks about her personal journey as single mother and the experiences that led to a deep personal crisis.
As part of her healing journey Angela became a qualified doula and midwife. But she didn’t fit in to the system and the mainstream birthing process and eventually left her work, which was a difficult decision. She trusted her instincts and intuition and found a way to do the work she was meant to do. She combines her professional skills with her healing gifts to help other women heal from birth experiences. 
Angela’s has a gift of seeing what is often overlooked, buried and unrecognized in womens lives and helps restore them to sacred ground, their female body.


Connect with Angela

website: www.birthyourtruth.com

email: angela@birthyourtruth.com


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