012: Lindy Lee – The Dark of Absolute Freedom

Lindy LeeLINDY LEE artist

The Dark of Absolute Freedom

What artists do is make the invisible undercurrent of human interaction visible and that’s an extremely important job.



Art is a really important instrument to understand my life.

In the podcast we talk about what’s important in the creation of Lindy’s art and what informs it.


  • Born Chinese in Australia and feeling like everyone else but not looking like anyone else.
  • What it means to grow up in “white” Australia and questioning “what am I”?

Who am I – is the start

But then you realize a deeper meaning.

The more mysterious – What am I?

  • Questioning where do I belong.
  • The creative process starts with curiosity and connection.

For Lindy the creative process begins with connection to the materials you choose and trusting that, following through and then the deepest questions of the heart are allowed to unfold and reveal themselves to you.

  • Why we choose the materials we choose to express our “art”.
  • The importance of intuition. The deeper part of yourself thinks with the totality of what you are and your intellectual mind has no access to that.

Lindy’s art asks the difficult questions and having the response through the work and  the work demonstrates it.

The faith of engaging with the materials has been a constellation of the unfolding of the deepest layers of understanding.

  • The three rules of meditation


Martin Heidegger reference

Lindy references Heidegger’s story: The path in the wood was being made as the wood was being cut. Realising the path isn’t a royal way from a – b. The path or way is made by walking. The path is made as we passage through life. It’s not a road that takes us anywhere but it’s firmly about the walking.


The wound is brilliant

The wound is really important. The wound of being different.

The tao breaks our heart so we can know our own depth. We get to know who and what we are. It provides us with this wonderful and rich sense of relating to the world. And gives us the power of empathy as well.

Compassion means to be with. With compassion we can look at our difficult patterns

Life is not about what we want but how we connect to things.

Explore with the material and work and work at it. That connection and not knowing what  the final outcome was going to be. It’s so rich. It has to be something you’re genuinely connected with.

It’s all about the enquiry.

Lindy’s sage advice

Go to what you love and what you feel connected to. That’s the secret.

Go the materials that you love, and the reasons for that love begin to unfold and in that unfolding you deepen the relationship with your work.


From the Survey Show

The Dark of Absolute Freedom video

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password: uapbigart

AGNSW Art Gallery of NSW Lindy Lee

MCA Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Sullivan and Strumpf Gallery


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