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Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Different

An avid lover of fresh coconuts, you will often find Melanie in Bali, Indonesia. Melanie is a Business Mentor and hosts a community called The Soul Lounge for Entrepreneurs. She inspires you to Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Different.

Melanie assists upcoming Change Makers and Thought Leaders to create a unique business with a firm foundation that is 100% full of their personality and supports women and men to propel their vision into reality and stand out from the crowd on the online space.

Melanie believes that stepping into the world of entrepreneurship is about learning to live again YOUR WAY.


  • Every step of the process of building your business is about nurturing your unique self and your quirks. Celebrating them and using them as a catalyst for bringing positive change into the world.
  • Everyone is here to do something special in the world.
  • Embrace the mud, the chaos and feeling uncomfortable. Allow it to be part of your world because it’s where the magic begins.
  • Signs and Synchronicities – don’t ignore them. They are helping you to shine your light in a way that you’re meant to.
  • Willingness to unravel and see what’s there.
  • Coming back to your joy and play
  • The calling to go to Bali
  • Creation of The Business Chakra System
  • Be seen and share your message


PROGRAM IGNITION – Entrepreneur Artistry  http://bit.ly/ProgramIgnition

My website www.seedtosoul.com.au

Soul Lounge website: www.soulloungeevents.com

Facebook group: http://bit.ly/SoulLounge

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SeedToSoul

Instagram: www.instagram.com/MelanieMidegs


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