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tammy-guestFreedom from Fatigue

Tammy Guest

Tammy is a scientist, naturopath and adventurer, amongst other things. Her debut book Freedom from Fatigue went to top 10 on Amazon in its first week and continues to help busy driven women heal from adrenal fatigue.

After a career as a scientist working in pathology and cancer research Tammy realised she missed connecting with people and retrained as a naturopath. 

Tammy has helped over 6000 busy driven women through her naturopathic clinic, book and her retreats to help women realise that burnout is not a badge of honour. 

Tammy has big dreams and visions. One is her plan to circumnavigate the globe in a helicopter and she tells us about this passion in the podcast


• How to recognise the 3 major signs of adrenal fatigue

• Simple things you can implement to rewire the brain differently and create more joy and balance in your life


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