019: Dr. Shireen | Intuitive Medical Scanning

Shireen Kid-DocIntuitive Medical Scanning

with Dr. Shireen Khanum

Dr. Shireen is a pediatrician with over 25 years experience. She brings a balanced blend of allopathic and intuitive medical scanning to treat her patients holistically whenever she can. She’s currently working in a primary care hospital in Dubai

About 10 years ago, Dr. Shireen realised she had a gift. She could receive medical information intuitively and through her extrasensory perceptions. cShe trained for intuitive medical scanning. Her ability to have both skills, trained medical skills as a doctor and her intuitive skills gives her patients the best care. 

As a scientist she wanted to conduct a clinical study with 30 test subjects and was amazed to find a 98% accuracy rate. 

I would like to extend this knowledge to anyone who needs it, and I find that helping people is extremely nourishing for my soul.


• How intuitive medical scanning works

• Her life path to becoming a doctor

• Working with Reiki energy

Dr. Shireen continues to integrate both her training as a doctor combined with other complementary skills and offers people around the world intuitive medical scanning to help them find the right treatment.


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email shireen1@yahoo.com

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