020: Dark to Light | Susan Kennedy

Dark to LightDARK TO LIGHT

Susan Elizabeth Kennedy

Susan is a Psychic Medium, Teacher and spiritual healer.

She teaches people that no matter what’s going on in their lives we have the ability to find opportunities to change.

Susan’s misfit life as a half-caste Indian girl growing up the North of England was the unfolding of her recognition through dark times of her own inner light and how to help others reconnect to that inner light within them.

She has experienced many dark places learning and growing through every experience. She has discovered how to let go of the past and live with passion, finding inner peace, self-love and joy. Her own journey of being stuck, lost and looking for her own purpose and passion has helped her to help other women to heal from the past and recognize their inner light. 

At age 48 she discovered her psychic and mediumship abilities emerged.

Susan trains people to find their soul connection and trust what they feel, see and sense. She helps transformations take place by helping them to release past issues that keep them feeling stuck.

She empowers women by reflecting back to them their own inner light and showing them they have the power to bring change into their lives and how they can do that.


• releasing victim mentality and finding opportunities for growth

• Using psychic gifts to uncover stuck patterns and how they can transform with ease and grace

• the importance of trusting your feelings and connecting to your source of power


WEBSITE http://www.susanelizabethkennedy.com

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/PsychicMediumSusan/

EMAIL psychicmediumsusan@gmail.com

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