024: What’s a Spiritual Lawyer with Ange De Lumiere

What’s a Spiritual Lawyer? 

Spiritual lawyer was a term that  Ange De Lumiere heard herself utter when describing to someone what it is she does. What that means is a question she’s been asking ever since.

She studied and became a corporate lawyer. A very successful international lawyer for fifteen years.

It was a prestigious position and intellectually stimulating.

But…. She had forgotten her dream which was to be an artist and work with children.

She shares her fascinating story of how she transitioned from being in the corporate law to being an artist, writing, and exploring many psychic and intuitive healing modalities in a quest to help people live by spiritual laws of love, karma, kindness.

Married with four beautiful children and living a “dream” life she still had this feeling bubbling up.

What was being ignored and bubbling up was her soul-seeded desire to be more creative.

Listen to her captivating story of how this bubbling took form and changed the course of her life.


  • How she started to combine being a lawyer with psychic healing and intuition
  • Finding her JOY in other healing modalities and through making mosaic art
  • How she put together what felt like fragmented parts of her life into a whole
  • Writing a book about the magical time during her fathers dying.


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