026: Bookkeeping for Creatives with Doone Clifton

Bookkeeping for Creatives

with Doone Clifton

Doone Clifton is a bookkeeper and business / life sorter outer. She takes the fear out of of looking at the financials and regulations in your business and brings it into a manageable perspective that will help grow your business.

She has a gift of being able to help business owners  translate the financials of business, into something that when brought into light is not only essential but helps grow the business.

Growing up with a politically active family Doone was expected to change the world. As daunting as that expectation could be, she found her own way by following her strengths and what she loves to do and finds the ways to change the world in our own way.

Coming up against the patriarchy within which we still currently live, she talks about the challenges that women, including her 14 year old daughter, has to still face to be true to themselves and not buy into what someone else says we should be.


  • What’s the resistance to keeping good business records?
  • How she helps people take the fear out of the financial side of business
  • How we all make a difference by being true to who we are
  • Asking what do you want to feel about your business


WEBSITE www.gecko-services.com.au

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Danielle LaPorte reference = Core Desired Feelings


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