048: Joyful Motherhood | Leonie Percy

Joyful MotherhoodJoyful Motherhood 

an interview with Leonie Percy

Leonie Percy is a loving mother, yoga and mindfulness teacher, and business mentor for mama’s. She’s the author of Mother Om a book that helps mama’s de-stress and reconnect to their joy through practical tools based on yoga and mindfulness.

Leonie supports living a joyful motherhood. As a mentor for mums she teaches how to find joy creating a business they love.

She’s passionate about keeping families connected and teaching mama’s how to be magnetic and live the life they truly desire


  • The practical aspects of mindfulness


  • How to cultivate feelings of being uplifted


  • An insight to how she works with mama’s creating a business they love


  • Looking at the common struggles for women and how to change it


Reference: Ricci-Jane Adam Intuitive Intelligence



Website: http://www.leoniepercy.com

Leonie’s book Mother Om: www.motherom.com.au 
Leonie’s podcast: http://podcast.leoniepercy.com
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