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Andrea Sun Your Greatest Brilliance

an interview with Andrea Sun

“Your greatest brilliance” is actually the end of a quote by Andrea Sun. She says, “your difference is your greatest brilliance”

Andrea Sun is a delight. She’s a second generation New Zealand born Chinese with a zany personality. She knows from first hand experience what it’s like to be torn between two worlds and not fitting in. She knows the pain of dimming down your light and she’s here to share her inspirational story.

She shares how she healed herself and transformed her difference into brilliance. 

She specialises in empowering & teaching entrepreneurial, corporate & holistically- minded women to

• Align to their Brilliance & Be more visible

• Confidently maintain Optimal long term Health & Energy

• Magnetise their Business/ work/personal goals with more ease

Andrea currently lives and works in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. Her many skills and qualifications include:

Soul Purpose & Confidence Coach

Holistic Health Coach,


Pellowah Empowerment Healing Trainings

HIGHLIGHTS of the episode

• the role of imagination and creativity in healing

• how to trust when you’re gripped with fear

• what is Pellowah healing

• simple tools to embody alignment with your heart and soul


WEBSITE: www.andreasun.com.au

PELLOWAH HEALING TRAINING: http://www.andreasun.com.au/pellowah-empowerment-healing-courses/

Pellowah Empowerment Healing Courses: Level 1 & 2 (1-2 days only)- 17-18 June 2017

Magnetise your business/work/health/relationship or personal goals with much more ease

Let go of fear & limiting patterns, and step confidently into more of who you really are….

Connect to your true self and life purpose

Optimise your Clients Transformative Results – by adding this healing modality to sessions

FREE MEDITATION: andrea-suns-academy.thinkific.com

Andrea Sun’s Academy

Next Step to Success Confidence Meditation- FREE  

(more freebies & paid courses to come soon)



75 minutes Pellowah Empowerment Healing Session; only $99 (save $56)
*60 minute Soul Purpose Coaching (or) Holistic Health Alignment (or) Holistic Acupuncture: only $99 
(save $56)


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