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Surrender's Potency Dr. NatsInterview with Nathalie Chitananda Martinek 

Surrender’s Potency

 Dr. Nats as she is affectionately known. Nathalie brings her sense of brilliance and humour into every conversation, and this is no exception.

She’s a woman on a mission to re-humanise medicine and other professions and restore the healing arts in the practice of these professions.

An upcoming author, disciple, healer, mother, wife, and mystic she mentors people to navigate the complexities of life and develop positive loving and fulfilling relationships with one’s body, self, others and life experiences. And… most importantly to not take themselves so seriously!

As a doctor, PhD of Developmental Biology from the university of Toronto, with postdoctoral studies in cancer research Nathalie found herself in the uncomfortable duality of depression with the other side being in a void where all possibilities and potential exists. She shares her remarkable story of what helped her make the transition out of depression, what unfolded, and how she found herself as the bridge between the scientific paradigm and spirituality by equally honouring her mystic-self and scientist-self.


  • How to get out of endlessly striving


  • The potency of surrender and what that means


  • What can we do to assure we will be ok when stepping into unknowns


  • Checking your motivations and asking the important questions


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