054: Fear is a Messenger with Amanda Roberts

Fear is a Messenger 

In this episode, with guest Amanda Roberts, we dive into some juicy discussions around fear as a messenger, and why it’s important to embrace the message that fear has for us. 

Amanda Robert’s business is Return to Source Wellbeing. She’s uses evidence-based Kinesiology protocols in her work. She is a gifted healer who draws on a range of her intuitive skills to support and empower her clients to recognise their innate connection to the divine.

She generously shares her personal story of awakening that you won’t want to miss. 



  • what do we mean when we use the word ‘healing’


  • her personal story of healing herself


  • embracing fear and seeing the message


  • safety and surrender


  • trust and allowing for spiritual awakening



WEBSITE: https://www.returntosourcewellbeing.com/

FACEBOOK GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/returntosourcewellbeing/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/kinesiyogachick/

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