058: Express Your True Voice

Express Your True Voice


Express your true voice in life, have connected communication and share your message is the passionate work that Mandy Siegel brings into the world.

Mandy is a transformational speaker, coach, educator and performer with extensive experience in Human Resource,  Life Coaching, Singing and Comedy.

She runs a life-coaching speaking and training business for heart-centred women entrepreneurs as well as mentoring teens through her programs to release their negative blocks and find their true voice connection and self expression in the world.

She is on a mission to support women and teens in fully expressing themselves in the world.

Mandy believes that never before has there been a better time for women to speak from the heart, spread their message and grow their business and lives.




  • How to share your message authentically and be heard


  • Mentoring teens to discover and trust their own true voice


  • What to do to manage nerves


  • Live to Give mindset


  • How to tap into your natural charisma


  • Sharing from vulnerability



8-10 September 2017 Merimbula NSW Australia

Speaking with Confidence Weekend Workshop level one 


27 – 29 October 2017 Bendigo VIC Australia

Way of the Empowered Woman weekend workshop



WEBSITE: http://www.mandysiegel.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/mandysiegelcoach/

Instagram: mandysiegel

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