061: Find the Gift of Not Fitting In – Caroline Palmy

Find the Gift of Not Fitting In

with my guest this week Caroline Palmy.

Caroline’s business, Palmy Healing, assists people in what she calls Heart Flow healing to help you open your heart and feel the flow of love again. 

This work chose her as she went from her misfit beginnings, finding her way out of toxic relationships and into alignment with her journey of self-love and spiritual awakening that has led her to the work she does today.

Caroline lives with her 3 teenage children, a Golden Retriever, cat, and 9 tortoises in the healing nature of beautiful Switzerland.


• Caroline shares a beautiful story of how her son taught her the most valuable lesson.

• Simple tools for connecting to love and practicing self-love

• How to come out of fear energy quickly



Caroline leads free monthly new moon meditations and guided intention setting, 

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