062: NDE Gift of Grace | Sharna Jay O’Sullivan

Near Death Experience Gift of Grace

The gift of grace was Sharna Jay O’Sullivan’s experience as she surrendered to her near death experience. Sharna courageously shares a very intimate personal story of her NDE and how it transforms her life and solidifies her purpose and choice for being here.

This is a life adventure of surrender and letting go.

A journey not only for Sharna Jay O’ Sullivan but to all of us to reclaim and remember our divinity.

Her purpose is now clear. Self-worth. To remember our worthiness.


  • We are not in control and how it benefits us to let go and surrender that control


  • Exploring the purpose of fear in our lives


  • The importance of having that space or pause to make the conscious choice between fear and love


  • What we can do to feel that vast support and the feeling safe within the bigger reality


  • The one simple tool to come back into the present and the choiceless choice available to us within that presence.



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