064: BE your Human Design | Caroline Southwell

Caroline Southwell shares on the episode what it means to BE your Human Design. She is an inspirational speaker, writer, and coach who will say what no-one else is brave enough to say that helps her clients grow into the best version of themselves. She is a guide helping humans love who they are and make the world a better place through being themselves. 

On the podcast Caroline shares her own personal life story of finding her gifts, and unique talents through the truckload of experiences that helped her find her own path of brilliance.

I’m thrilled that she shares with us on the show her discovery of Human Design and why using this information is an essential component when working with her clients. 


• How understanding her Human Design was profoundly life changing. 

• Examples of how working with clients using human design has helped them be happier and more successful 

• How we learn from our conditioning and can choose to peel away the conditioning that doesn’t serve us

• as mentioned on the show you can get your FREE human design chart 


• as mentioned on the show if you don’t have your exact time of birth Caroline guides you what to do: https://youtu.be/W809drTwsqY



EMAIL: caroline@carolinesouthwell.com

WEBSITE: carolinesouthwell.com


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