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Ancestral Clearing

Ancestral clearing heals intergenerational patterns and beliefs that have been passed down through the family seven generations ago and clears them seven generations ahead. 

My guest this week is Helena Ryan, ancestral clearer. This is not something she intentionally meant to do for work. It became clear through her son when she realised that he, along with many children coming through at this time,  wouldn’t be able to bring his gifts into the world until the unhelpful and unsupportive belief systems were cleared.

Ancestral clearing is something that is new and Helena is passionate about helping as many people as possible open their eyes to the possibility of being free from generations of beliefs. 

Helena Ryan is a mum, business owner and wife who has spend almost 40 years not fitting in anywhere, and she’s found a way to bring this way of being into the world rather than hiding from it. She’s a qualified teacher, life coach and counsellor and holds certifications in various healing and energy modalities. She’s also served in the Australian army. When not working, she is in the garden and hanging out with her 3 year old son.



•  From black sheep to a rainbow sheep and what that means

• What new qualities a rainbow sheep has and why it’s important to recognise a new leadership style

• The benefits of Ancestral Clearing

• Her fascinating personal story about her own lineage that led her to the work of Ancestral Clearing

• What she does to attract more clients without ‘working’ at it.



I offer a free 30 minute Compatibility Conversation for anyone who is interested in finding out more about Ancestral Clearing.

The link is here: http://helenaryan.com.au/book-an-appointment/

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