076: Help Children Recognise Their Brilliance

Help Children Recognise their Brilliance

Empowering children is what Marilou Coombe is especially passionate about.  Marilou is my guest this week talking passionately about how to navigate the human potential, especially for children.

Growing up in Lebanon, moving to Australia not speaking a word of English, moving back to Lebanon for another short period during adolescence gave her a personal understanding of how important it is to empower children from an early age to have a strong self-belief that they can achieve what they set out to do.

Marilou lives life on her terms and is a multi-passionate woman driven by connection. Connection to self and to others. She weaves yoga, meditation and all her life experiences in her work.  She has a Bachelor in Social Science, Certificate IV in training and coaching training, including NLP and is the founder of Orchestrate Parenting Hub.

She has a wonderful husband and  is the mum of 2 divine energetic boys who have been her inspiration for the work she promotes in the world.



• Looking at the ways we act and speak and how we can become more conscious on the influence we have on our children.

• Why connection is so important.

• How she came to embrace being different and let it be a gift to make a difference to others.


WEBSITE: http://www.mariloucoombe.com


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