078: Creative Wilderness Trail

Creative Wilderness has a trail

In quantum physics it was a revelatory discovery to note that objects appear only when the subject looks and disappears when the subject is not looking. Applying that to our creative life, when we take a step into the wilderness, into the unknown, the trail appears. The next step is revealed. And then the next, and the next as we continue.


Wilderness. It may conjure up images of chaos, jungle, thick forests and wild untamed places. But there is a trail.  One could say creative wilderness IS our trail. The trail is not straight and, more often than not, it isn’t apparent and the trail doesn’t appear until we start walking into the wilderness. Like quantum physics has shown us, we only see the trail when we look and and when we look we may see the trail appear one step at a time.


Creativity takes Courage

-Henri Matisse



• HOW TO TAKE COURAGE – steps to move from fear and step into Creative Wilderness

• HOW WE CAN APPLY QUANTUM PHYSICS to  move into the unknown and see the steps we need to take

[Be mindful that the suggestions in this episode about ways to move out of mild fears is not a substitute for medical advice. If you are suffering from trauma and fear is overwhelming you, please seek assistance from your health and medical professionals.]


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