079: Quiet Marketing Success with Danielle Gardner

Quiet marketing success

Quiet Marketing with my guest this week Danielle Gardner. How did quiet marketing come about, what does it mean, and why it has an appeal to people who want more enjoyment, simplicity, effortlessness in building their online business.

Danielle Gardner is an innovator and she loves to examine, research, notice, test, and take a refreshing approach to making business a truly enjoyable lifestyle business.

And this is what she teaches others who gravitate towards those same or similar values.

Learning how to market ‘quietly” and meaningfully and in doing so draw in likeminded clients that you will love working with is a slower approach and may not be for everyone, but it has a growing appeal with those who identify as being introverted, empathic and highly sensitive.

“When they zig, I zag.” – Danielle Gardner


• Why LEANING BACK is so effective

• What it means to AIM LOWER and how does that help business grow

• KEEPING THE SABATH –  How Danielle came to create a full day of rest every week. A day of no in puts and how effective this is

• GENEROSITY in marketing

• Switching on the Internal meter of “Can I Be Bothered?” and what that means



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