081: Body Love Method™ Emma Polette


Body Love Method™ was created by Emma Polette to empower women through effective practical self care practices that don’t include harsh diets or exercise.


Emma was trained as a personal trainer, health coach, reiki practitioner, and yoga teacher. Her clients call her a real woman for real women. She is on a mission to help thousands of women feel great about their bodies without harsh diets or exercise programs.


I invited Emma Polette as a guest on Brilliant Misfits because she truly is. Not fitting into what society considers ‘normal’ she has found a way to live her life with acceptance and love and now helps others do the same. Her business, which is different to other personal training and health coaching,  is flourishing since embracing her rebel approach to helping women through the Body Love Method™ and  how they can feel fit and healthy and love themselves just as they are.



• Falling in love with your body vs. punishing your body

• Self-esteem and Self care go hand in hand

• Allowing vs. Achieving and how that is a game changer

• Taking the first step to loving your body, yourself, just as you are



Emma is available for a free consultation.

WEBSITE: www.blueskyvitality.net

Facebook – facebook.com/blueskyvitalitycoach


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