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3 elements 

I was lying still in bed to heal my injured back, feeling a bit of shame around being a yoga teacher with a bad back but as I surrendered to the situation I had a spiritual intervention. It came first as a question.

What if everything I attach my identity to is taken away: my work, my hobbies, my beliefs, my loves and passions, what if EVERYTHING was gone? What would be left? Would I still have a place in the world? Would I still be of value just NAKED as I am without anything?

 I knew in the depths of my soul the answer was Yes Yes Yes. My divine spirit is love, and no matter what’s stripped away that inner light will never go out.

Yet it’s so easy to slide into the thinking loop of “I’m not good enough” or “ I’m not worthy”. Without questioning we often attach our value to the outer things rather than being solid in the depths of who we really are.

I saw the years of my trying to fit-in and belong and how I chose to try and fit in to places that weren’t aligned with who I am.

I tried to belong like a piece of fruit in a hardware store. I remembered trying to fit in with the “cool” girls in high school. But I’m not like them, I never was. The need to belong and be loved is so strong until you find that the love you are seeking is what you are. The love is inside not out there. The belonging is inside, not out there. You know this and I know this and yet the depth of this surrender is profound.

As I lay there on the bed I surrendered like never before to the divine. Ishvara Pranidhana a Sanskrit word that essentially means offering it up to source, or the divine. Offering all my doings and thoughts and creations to the divine. They come from her and I offer them back.

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When I make art I go to this place where I feel like a channel and something else is in there when I’m creating aligned with this energy. I feel happy in this place. I feel privileged, honoured and grateful for this “thing”, that is with me. It’s not always there but the more I show up, it shows up. 

inspiration exists but it has to find you working” – Pablo Picasso

In day-to-day life the small self or ego-self likes to think, hey I’m the one running the show. It creates struggle in our lives. But there are those times when we connect to something larger. Watching a sunset or strolling along the expansiveness of the beach, we’ve all experienced these remembrances. When we connect to it, we feel joy. There is no struggle.

We are conditioned to believe we are the doers and we have to make it happen or it won’t. It’s false. We operate with a me, mine mental contruct that causes exhaustion and overwhelm. We bear the unnecessary burden of ownership when it’s never really ours to own. Yes we give 100% to what we are doing with the understanding that we are creating from our greater self and not the small ego self that wants the ownership of the creation.

You can surrender in a heartbeat and it’s a sweet relief. Connect to that divine source of love within you and let your actions, creations, doings in the world come from the effortless energy of your creative spirit. Offer all you do to the divine creator of the universe and notice the lightness, and ease and flow that comes into your life.

An invitation to surrender – 3 elements


Everything you do make it an offering to the divine. Let go of ownership. Dis-identify with you as the sole creator. Everything you make, create offer it up. Any burdens, heaviness, emotional, physical offer it up. Think of your all your creative ideas, projects as co-creations.


Consciously embrace something greater than your small ego-self and make an open invitation for guidance. Ask to be shown what to do next.

Be willing to change and try new things.


Stillness and play opens your creative channel. Without that, creativity cannot flow and express itself through you. Give yourself daily space to be receptive. Listen to the messages. Have more fun.

If you have a creative idea and project you’re working on and want support to follow through and bring it into reality contact me about my creativity coaching programs.

With love & gratitude,

Aesha Kennedy sign off



With love & gratitude,

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