What if meditation is not what you think?

Hello beautiful souls, 

Soon!  I’m off to Bali again for the annual Bali BlossOm womens retreats. I love being there with women in that alchemical process of transformation that Bali culture and spirituality supports so beautifully. If you are not on my mailing list, sign up over to the right and be the first to know the dates for 2017.

Year after year I’ve witnessed the transformations that bloom during the retreat from giving ourselves the S P A C E to drop into ourselves, rest, connect with spirit, and fill our cup by receiving fully.

Our creative spirit is nourished when we tune into the wisdom and intuition that is far vaster than the myriad of rehashed thoughts racing through our mind.

The most potent way is to practice mindfulness meditation. It gives you direct access to your inner alchemy. And you gradually begin to become the master of your mind, rather than a slave.

Meditating can be very challenging because we expect it to be a certain way and it’s also not always comfortable to witness the junk in our mind.

I recently spoke with someone who said it was really hard for her to meditate. I’ve heard this so many times. I don’t think any one finds it easy, and especially when we are just starting. The mind has been in control for a long time. To then switch our mind’s attention off of thoughts is not easy at first.

TIP #1

Don’t expect your thoughts to stop just because you’re meditating. 

The other thing is that part of the difficulty is that we think meditation is going to be peaceful, or happy, or blissful and when it’s not that we think we’re not doing it correctly or that it’s just way too hard.

That’s like saying that I want to play the piano, but I don’t want to learn how, or practice.

TIP #2

Be willing to practice regularly and set up a time/place/days that you will meditate. Don’t make it too complicated or your mind will convince you that its too hard and you shouldn’t bother.

Think of meditation as a way to see what’s going on. What movie is playing now? Have a look and watch as if you are watching a movie, a story line unfolding. Watch and witness with a curiosity and impartial observing.

Sometimes we get insights and ideas during meditation. This is another reason that I’ve heard for not meditating. I’ll forget those great ideas if I keep meditating. (The mind is so very clever and convincing us reasons to stop)

TIP #3

If you have light bulb moments during meditation have a pen and notebook handy before you start and give yourself permission to come out of meditating to jot it down and then continue.

Meditation gives us the capacity to see everything as it arises in each moment without reacting. Instead we can become curious. Watching and observing every nuance of thought, body sensations, emotions and feelings. View it all without reacting to the mind’s running commentary about it.

TIP #4  

Don’t take thoughts personally and don’t personalize the thoughts that come into your mind

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Go deeper, go to the sensation in your body that relates to the thought. Tune-in and explore when there is discomfort in your body and be with it. Don’t fight against it. Be the silent non-judging witness to all of it.

TIP #5 

Co-Create. Remember, nothing we do is of our own doing. When we open up to the co-creation with the divine, life flows and feels effortless and easy. We don’t have to strive and push. We can relax and become powerful magnets that bring in what it is we most desire to create.

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Let meditation connect you with your deepest wisdom, love and creativity.


16-minute guided meditation “Quiet Time” to help you get started. Namaste

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