A Mosaic Life

A Mosaic Life

Recently I was talking abut our mosaic life with a divine client of mine as we talked about past life experiences. Sometimes those past experiences seem so distant and yet they can come back to seemingly sabotage all the growth and evolution in our lives.

Yet those very parts, no matter how dark, how painful, how embarrassing have served us so well and so divinely. They make us who we are. They are the parts that have taught us many things. The parts that sometimes are the bits that have given us courage, strengthened our resilience and connected us to our soul and spirit. They serve us in ways that we may not recognize especially when viewed through the lens of the small self.

In the bigger picture, the pain and the darkness is trying to guide us towards a different path and better way that is aligned with our true soul-seeded purposeful dreams and joy.

I remember my own past dark times.  Living in an abusive relationship is one such time. There was good in the relationship for sure but there were also many times when it was hurtful, painful and unbearable and yet… I stayed in it for so long!  I was scared. Fear had taken over. Shame and humilitation resulted. Those are the parts that stay buried and even disowned.

I can talk about that time now. The shame and humiliation have lifted. Through my dedication to connecting to spirit I have a deep trust in the unfolding of my life. I can trust that whatever is unfolding is there for my highest benefit. I can step into the power of who I am that is so much bigger than any single life experience. I didn’t always have this view or feel this way.

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We all have this incredible power within. We are sooooo powerful. It’s our fears and downloaded beliefs about ourselves that keep us from shining fully and being brilliant.

This bright light within is wanting and waiting to shine and add to the collective light on this planet.

We are always being guided towards our divine connection to something vaster and larger. Returning home. When we willingly embody it we experience immense feelings of a relaxed calm interior. Our capacity to love and embrace all of who we are expands.  All that we experience is included in our colourful mosaic life.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”

– Rumi

Each of our mosaic lives is a unique creation. Each of our mosaic lives contain all the fragments and bits of our lives that are bonded together with the glue of love.

When we are in fear we lose connection. We feel fragmented.

Ways to connect to your calm interior, your power and your capacity to choose love over fear

  • Fear creates a discomfort. Start to recognize your bodily discomforts. Each time you feel discomfort take a moment to feel it as fully as you can. Notice where it is, what sort of sensation it is, if you feel colour, does it evoke a thought or memory.
  • Step back from the fear by inviting the divine energy of love to help you. Ask the universe for help you align with love. Bring in gratitude and remember times when you were feeling at peace, joyful, happy. What were you doing?
  • Pay Attention – stay open and curious to see what comes through. Don’t judge.

It may seem overly simplistic and yes it is simple. But sometimes simple is what we skip over.

Let me know how you go.

With love and gratitude,

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With love & gratitude,

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