A week without a door

A week without a door

I spent last week visiting family and stayed in a room without a door. Not only was it not a regular sized door, it was not a real bedroom. It was a dining room ‘space’ that had a complete opening facing the living room and kitchen area of the house.

I knew this was to be our ‘bedroom’ before we left our comfy home, and I was curious to see how it would unfold. I must admit I had many doubts.

Fortunately knowing in advance that this was to be our room for our holiday week stay I quickly ordered a comfy face mask for sleeping, plus my Loop earplugs for mornings when you know children wake up at 5:30am and don’t know what a soft voice is. AND when you don’t have a door.

Ummmm. Hmmmm

We also discovered that we didn’t even have a full size bed to sleep on together. This was a surprise. There was a single air bed, and a single mattress bed both on the floor next to each other with one much higher than the other.

Now I am a very adaptable type of person.

I travelled around India and was used to sleeping on concrete floors at times. But now being at the end of my 60’s and my husband 70, this was not quite the same.

No room, no door, sleeping on the floor. (could be a chorus to a song)

Living a week without a door or room to oneself revealed much. One could say I could see things clearly without the door.

I could see that my younger family don’t really get it. They don’t get we are not in our 40’s anymore.  It’s not just the single bed, or the no door situation. It's also getting up in the night from the floor that’s not so easy.

Thank goddess for my yoga practice throughout my life that gave me the ability to actually do this, and in the dark. 

Ummmmm. Hmmmmm

One good thing I discovered is that nothing really phased me much during my stay in this situation. I noticed, felt, and let things pass, without holding on to any of it, quite frankly. And I must make the point that it wasn't about numbing out drinking cocktails. I felt it ALL and then watched it pass through.

I stayed with my inner joy that is always there bubbling up larger than any Aperol Spritz, and I felt LOVE for the family.  The little ones, and the adults. 

In the past, these kinds of situations could have been grist for the mill, with my mind having a field day.

I must say this is a refreshing new way of being and I'll put this reflection of how I managed it all into the gift category of our holidays. The gift is, I wouldn’t have realized this inner shift towards joy and acceptance if not for the situation at hand. I was truly amazed at the ability I seemed to possess to let things come and go without any internal emotional drama, rehashing the scenario in my head, or any victim mentality. 

I mean that IS the stuff of holiday family dramas, is it not?

Anyhoooooo I was able to stay out of being caught up in any inner drama, gratefully.

There were lovely walks in nature and beautiful gum trees and a river nearby. Balm for the soul.

That being said….

A few things became obvious staying in a room with no door.

I could see clearly.

I could see clearly that's why there is the option of online buying and delivery for presents along with Zoom calls, right?

Yours truly,

The Grinch that doesn’t need to steal Christmas because she’s quite happy without it.

With love & gratitude,

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