I guide women back home to their creative self. To release what blocks them in their artistic expressions and reconnect with the joy of  bringing creativity into their lives and businesses.

Hello beautiful woman,

My name is Aesha Kennedy and I’m delighted and grateful you’ve found you’re way here. 

I work with creative (often introverted) women who need support to get their ideas expressed and out in the world.

  • Women who struggle with  self-belief, overwhelm
  • Women who find it hard to follow-through on ideas and sustain momentum on their own 
  • Women who find it challenging to set and meet deadlines in the fulfilment of desired goals
  • Women who have interfering thoughts,  you’ll fail, you’re not good enough, your idea is crap, you’re not creative, no one will be interested.’
  • Women who want to connect more confidently to their authentic creative self-expression
  • Women who want to bring their ‘shadow’ artist into the light and start letting her play again


I can tick all the above.



I’m a misfit and always have been. I used to feel victim to this sense of being at odds, not fitting in, not belonging., but I’ve turned this old story around.  I now appreciate how it serves me and serves the women I work with to embrace that uniqueness and find unity within diversity.

It’s my heartfelt belief that if you have ever felt like you don’t fit in, it’s because you’re not meant to. You’re here to LIVE as who you really are. You’re here to create new ways that might not even exist yet.

When I was young girl I tried really hard to fit in with my peers even though I wasn’t at all like them.

I totally toned down my brilliance because I so desperately wanted to fit in. I dimmed my light to be accepted.

I spent a big part of my early life trying to be someone else. I went after what I thought would make me happy.  On the outside it looked like I had everything; a high paying glamorous career, living in NYC and a relationship that I thought was exciting.

But inside, something was definitely missing. I didn’t feel alive, excited, confident or at ease in myself. 

After years of trying to be something I wasn’t, I lost sense of who I am. I had a melt down, left my career and my relationship.


Little did I know back then that this was all part of a divine plan to re-align to the creative life essence


My girlfriend took me to yoga class one day and what I experienced was profound. I was drawn to go deeper into it and so I found myself on a plane to India to study and practice. It was through the practice of daily stillness, mindfulness, quiet time that I opened to the divine love and creative spirit within me, that’s within us all.

It was a pivotal moment in my life because I had a sense that this joy was what I would be sharing with others. Not just the yoga postures but the depth of peace that comes from being true to who you are. 


I realised we are all creative beings here to create and when we align with the divine, we invoke the creative power of the universe that supports us in manifesting what we are called to bring forth.

I began to teach and found I had an effortless capacity to bring calm into peoples lives and empower them to trust the intuition of their soul and the instincts of their body. 

Everything I experienced being a misfit and the feelings of not belonging has helped me develop qualities of kindness, empathy, compassion, non-judgement, trust, and acceptance.

If you’re still reading this I know your soul is calling you to be true to who you are and find a way to express your innate creativity and artistry.

But maybe fear tells you stories:

  • You’ll fail
  • You’re not good enough yet
  • Not creative
  • It’s already been done, why bother


What could you be creating if you didn’t have those stories?




Its an honour and privilege to be in service to divine creative expression.

I’m a certified life coach (Life Coaching Institute of Australia, 2013)

A teacher and practitioner of Yoga & Mindfulness since 1991

and a professional Visual Arts practitioner, Dip Fine Arts TAFE 1997

I believe all ideas come to us for a reason. It’s your purpose to find a way to honour, nourish, and express them.


So lovely… Are you ready to rise up? Ready to be true to you, be brilliant and bring your creative expressions into the world?




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With love to you, You are love,

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