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As a highly sensitive child, I spent a lot of time alone in the forest in the back of our home. I truly believed I was an alien when I was young. I just didn’t seem to fit in. I used to feel cursed by this misfit nature.  Many years later I discovered yoga and meditation and it opened me up to the source of creativity and connection to a divine loving energy that continually guides me.

There is nothing more uplifting and natural for me than to guide people back home to their creative self and their innate feminine creative power.

Julia Cameron said when you meet your creativity, you meet yourself. And that’s when the magic of being true to you and expressing that in your business unfolds.

When I am not creating artwork I mentor highly sensitive, empathic women who want to develop personally and grow their business in a different way to the old patriarchal business practices. Ways that can feel out of alignment with who you are and how you work.

These are some of the things I’ve experienced in my own business:

  • The desire to let go of the forcing and striving to achieve
  • The struggle of self-belief, overwhelm and push to constantly produce
  • The feeling of failure at attempts to accomplish goals in the traditional ways
  • Lack of inner confidence to be true to myself for fear of not fitting in
  • Dimming down my self-expression for fear how it would be received.  
  • A deep desire to find ways to excel and feel fulfilled by doing less
  • An inner urge to explore my untamed creative side and express joy

I realised we are all creative beings here to create and when we align with the divine, we invoke the creative power of the universe that supports us in manifesting what we are called to bring forth in this life.

It’s an honour and privilege to be in service to your divine creative expression and support you finding your unique flow.

  • I’m a certified life coach (Life Coaching Institute of Australia, 2013)
  • A teacher and practitioner of Yoga & Mindfulness since 1991
  • A professional Visual Arts practitioner, Dip Fine Arts TAFE 1997

I believe connecting with your innate Feminine Creative Power is what we are being called collectively to do so we can collectively shift the current paradigm of power and leadership in the world.

Below are some of my Free Offerings that I encourage you to join and explore.

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