Ageless Presence

Ageless Presence

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

One of the most remarkable gifts we have is to be AWARE.

It is really why we are here in this human experience. 

To remember we are much more than a physical body, or a mind. 

To know ourselves as a vast mystery, infinite energy, unconditioned love. To be in this place of aware consciousness and presence that is ALWAYS there, and has always been there. 

While the body ages, and the mind becomes forgetful and less flexible, this presence is ageless.

We’ve all experienced this aware presence that is always here.

You can close your eyes and tune into it right now by being still and being with what is there that is not a thought.

There is a ground of stillness, silence that doesn’t need a thing. It’s only the mind that “needs”.

This silent ground is full and empty simultaneously and flows effortlessly. 

An aware consciousness that sees itself through its individual expressions. And what an amazing planet of creative expressions and beauty.

It’s why ageing seems so strange to us.. 

We don’t feel old internally. We feel the same as we always have.

The body ages, but this aware presence that has always been with us and is always available HERE right now whenever we pause and take that moment to be silent and drop into it. It’s AGELESS.

It's easy to forget that this aware presence is here with us when we are caught up in the activities of doing and we believe in the thinking mind that can feel so real and solid when it’s only thoughts streaming through and there isn’t any solidity or reality to them unless we believe them to be real.

But what’s real and always here is this aware presence. The ageless. The gift that keeps on giving because it is unchanging and always available.

What helps us to remember and to connect into this constant unchanging presence?

It may differ in the ways we connect into this aware consciousness, or presence. It’s good to explore what helps you drop into this ageless presence.

  • Maybe for you it’s being in nature and listening to nature sounds
  • The practice of a type of yoga that allows for some stillness and being.
  • Meditation to let the silence behind the thoughts become more prominent
  • Sojourn, a solo journey to be alone with yourself and invite a deep listening of your soul
  • Silent walks 
  • Retreats that focus on connecting to this presence that is always there.
  • Creative expression where you make art to release the dominant left brain analytical side and become more attuned to the right hemisphere of connectedness and oneness.

I’d love to hear what helps you connect into this ground of silence beneath the surface of chattering thoughts. 

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With love & gratitude,

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