Align and Shine with the Divine

Align and Shine with the Divine

I awoke with this remembrance:
I am here to serve LOVE.
Let me surrender all the struggles, the strivings, the goal setting, the affirmations, the intentions. Let me give all of it over to something much bigger than me.
Give it over to the divine. (you can say god, or spirit)
In yoga the practice is known as Isvara Pranidhana. Everything comes to us from the divine and goes back to the divine.
In our human existence we often forget. We think we are doing this by ourselves. It’s the small picture, disconnected and results in struggle and dis-ease.

What if we give over feelings of struggle, pushing, striving?

Give over the attachment to outcome.

In the practice of YIN YOGA we practice mindfulness. We watch where our thoughts tend to gravitate. In the space between the breaths we can find pause to reflect, to surrender to something vaster than our ego minds.

If you feel tired, check-in and see where you are striving or pushing too hard.

At the core of anything you wish to manifest make this offering:
Let me serve LOVE. Show me how.
Being in service to the divine part of you is an antidote to control, frustration, isolation.
The divine connection will support you in ways beyond your imaginings.
In flow and in joy and in love.
Surrender and trust in your greater connection to spirit and it will show you the way to manifest your hearts desires without the push, the struggles, the stress.
When you embrace that … everything changes.

We still operate largely based on masculine energy. The paradigm of going after what you want, and using the means to get it. It leads to exhaustion. Even setting intentions, goals can be a push, a narrowing of focus so that we forget the all important ingredient that we are a part of the divine universe. It requires surrender and that is what is probably the most difficult thing. To move away from the notion that we are the doers and we make it happen.

We make shifts happen when we surrender our ego, listen to the deeper part of ourselves connected to spirit, and move into action from a place of service to the greater part of us – our infinite spirit.

Whatever you desire to do or accomplish, make it an offering to the divine, remembering that all comes from the divine and goes back to the divine.
You will receive guidance to take actions without the struggle and striving. It will unfold like a flower blossoming.

It requires surrender, listening, devotion.

Surrender takes practice.

We have to re-train our minds to let go of the focus on pushing, grasping, fear.

We live in a world where we are surrounded by striving. Striving to get what we want.  It’s not the wanting that is wrong. Desires are natural. It’s how we go about manifesting them.
Setting plans, intentions, goals. All good. But the core that makes it flow without struggle comes from first offering your actions, your creation to the divine and let her guide you.

Create by being a co-creator with the divine. 

With love & gratitude,

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