All the world’s a stage

All the world's a stage

For years I believed in the solidity of me.

This belief that I am a separate me amongst a bunch of other separate me’s all living in the world and suffering in our own ways wanting things to be other than what they are.

After years of yoga, years of searching, years of living with someone who doesn’t live in this realm of separation, I began to awaken to the reality that the person I call me is not a solid thing but only a bunch of ideas and thoughts and conditioned beliefs.

Nothing really solid at all.

At first I fought against this.

I wanted to believe I was this solid person who had choices and that I could alter things in my life if I wanted to. I wanted to believe because not believing meant I would then be letting go of everything I believed about myself up to this point. Deep down I knew that, it scared me, and I convinced myself I was on a path to improvement so I didn’t have to really let go fully. I didn’t need to let go of everything. Maybe just some things.

But my search for meaning and truth brings me to a point where the idea of being a solid separate self begins to dissolve and it’s either let go into the dissolution or, alternatively, keep holding onto the ego-generated idea of who I am and continue the cycle of disempowerment and suffering.

So I say YES to surrendering to this dissolution of false self.

It’s not easy.

The ego has had many, many years to set deep roots and is ultra-convincing that I’m a separate solid person who can run the show called my life.

Yet, here I am. Questioning and Surrendering

And what I discover is that one of the BIGGEST fears about all of this is that if what I call ‘me’ dissolves, then there goes everything with it. My work in the world, my relationships, my desires, family, friends. All will dissolve.

I don’t want those things to go, so I hold back from really letting go.

But this is the clever ego-mind making up the stories that all those things will disappear if I let go. But that is not at all what happens.

What happens is when the small egoic self dissolves then one’s character or persona is truly FREE to be authentically expressed. Free to let their ‘character’  play their part within the whole of humanity. Free of attachment to any identification.

All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players ~ Shakespeare

We all have our roles to play but we can’t do that if we are paying more attention to thoughts that tell us we are this or that. We can’t live being our true self when we don’t see the stage and don’t see the role we play for what they are.

When we see through the illusion and unreality of thoughts, we can awaken to the beauty of our character and appreciate our individual role played within the whole perfection of life itself.

With love & gratitude,

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