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Not seeking for more


Although more comes to me now without struggle, without push or force, often with a sense of the miraculous.


It happens


I run by business honouring my inner strategies more than ever. I wasn’t trained in school to listen to and use them. But now I do and I help other women do the same.


One of the inner strategies is the practice of Santosa, part of the Niyamas (“rules” for self-observance). In yoga and it means being content with what we have.


It seems counter to achieving more but I have been shown how totally possible it is to do less and accomplish more .


Practicing santosa in our lives brings a sense of peace and inner joy


And that’s super magnetic.


What you want already is.


You draw it in like breath and give it life. 



 Contentment practices

• Heart Coherence meditation 

Bring yourself into presence by connecting to breathing

Breathe as if the breath were flowing in and out of the heart

Recall something that has touched your heart recently

Allow that feeling and sensation to flood your entire body with gratitude and deep appreciation.

• Cultivate the attitude and mindset that everything is supporting you right now.. everything.


Let me know how this lands for you. I’d love to hear.


Love and gratitude,

P.S. Join my upcoming community class circle online. 90-minute learning on the Art of Mind-Distancing. June 17

10am AEST

Bookings https://AeshaKennedy.as.me/ArtofMindDistancing


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