Are you standing or positioning

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There’s a difference between taking a stand, or taking a position. At first it may seem like both are the same but as I’ve explored this energy within me I’ve found there is a very powerful difference.

Here’s what I’ve discovered.


Taking a stand comes from a firm rootedness in who you are and what you’re here to express. Your stand is made up of your values, and an understanding of what you are called to do. Your dharma. This isn’t static. It evolves, grows and changes but the essence of who you are remains unwavering within the changing, growing, evolving expressions.

Standing for something you feel strongly aligned with requires a certain way of living where you don’t hook into what other people think of you. You fearlessly share your truth.  Yes, it apparently does require a certain kind of fearlessness. A fearlessness that comes from your willingness to express what’s coming from your heart.

Taking a position, on the other hand, you are either for, or you are against. Its dualistic. There is most always judgement involved. And judgements create contraction in the body and in the energetic sphere. I suppose you could take a position of neutrality too.  But positioning and judging hook into each other. Judging someone, someone’s work, or how they work, or comparing yourself is when we get sucked into an energetic positioning for or against what they seem to represent to us. Of course, they may be taking a stand and we may disagree with it, but within that disagreement we either take a position or not take a position.

When we take a stand in who we are and what’s important to us, it doesn’t matter if people take positions around it.

Be like the lotus flower and remain untouched by the droplets of water as they roll off.

Is it possible to take a stand and take a position together?

In my experience you cannot. A position always creates the duality where there will be arising judgments that muddies the waters. To make a clear stand from our heart and do the work we are meant to do means relinquishing judgements and positions.

When we release positioning and judging a ton of energy is available to support us to bring forth our work that serves both our highest potential, and those who we serve.

If you have ever shrunken from being in your truth because of people taking a position against what you’ve expressed, now is a wonderful time to let it go and courageously express what’s in your heart.  Judgments come from the mind only. Positions come from the mental realm. True power comes from the heart. Know yourself. Stand in your sovereign self connected to source. This is your power.

Let me know how this lands in you. I’d love to hear from you.

Love and gratitude,

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With love & gratitude,

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