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Are you at peace when you’re not doing anything?

Hello beautiful souls,
I made a video because I had no computer to write with the beginning of this month.
Watch it here or read on:

There are two things I am sharing this month. One is a question or contemplation on whether we feel that we are enough or worthy if we are doing absolutely nothing. When we are not working, producing, creating, connecting. When we are alone and still and not doing anything.

Are we completely peaceful with being and not doing. Or are there voices in the head that tell you that you are not good enough or worthy unless you are doing something.
And if you are someone (like I used to be) who is constantly busy and
doing, doing, doing


and ask yourself if you are wearing a Badge of Busyness because
1) you don’t want to listen to the voices that whisper you are not enough or not worth anything unless you are busy doing something.
2) you don’t want to feel what your intuition is asking you to feel because it’s uncomfortable
I want you to practice witnessing awareness this month and notice times when you are not doing anything, or when you avoid not doing anything, and be aware and alert and notice if there are any stories you tell yourself or if there are feelings of discomfort when you are simply being and not doing anything.

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The second thing I want to share with you is a mindfulness practice that you may already practice.
I contemplated on what would help you begin a very very simple way to meditate each day.
It’s a well-known mindfulness practice of scanning your body each and every morning
First thing when you wake up lying in bed, or you can sit up, scan your body similar to our yoga nidra practice. Bring awareness and presence to each part of your body and couple it with deep breathing.
This will take 1-2 minutes (or longer if you choose)
It’s totally do-able!

I want you to challenge yourself to do this every day and see if it positively affects how your day unfolds.
You can comment below.

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With love and gratitude

Aesha Kennedy sign off


With love & gratitude,

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