Bali BlossOM Retreat for Women

with Aesha Kennedy


Two Retreat Dates:

1) August 2-10 - Fully Booked, waitlist open

2) August 12-20 = Fully Booked, waitlist open


Welcome forward to living your life awake and empowered.

Gift yourself a Bali sojourn in a sacred place called Ubud.

Feel held and supported, inspired and creative.

All that stands in the way of your radiance is lovingly released like a snake shedding a skin that no longer fits.

The medicine of being in Ubud (which means medicine) is fully felt as we honor ourselves and each other just as we are.

Enough. Perfect. Whole.

Being who we are without dimming our light or doubting our brilliance.

Being with women and the magic we create together.

This retreat is about YOU being awake to what you are and empowered to live, aligned to your true Self and your unique contribution within the whole.


Spending time doing what you need FOR YOU! Leaving everything behind, making new friends, enjoying new experiences.  Awake & Empowered!


9 nights / 8 days in the spiritual environment and soul medicine of Ubud

Twice daily Yin Yoga morning and evening

Luxurious  pampering - Massage, Body scrub, flower bath and Facial all with organic products in an open air tranquil environment.

Learn how to make the beautiful Balinese flower offerings

Excursion to a Water Temple of purification in a most beautiful place you won’t ever forget

Singing/ Sound Healing journey

Breakfasts and Dinners included - Balinese cooking at it’s best

Creative play and art-making - even when you don’t think you have a creative bone in your body you will be gently guided to have fun, learn some techniques, and play with abandon

Chakra activations - one each day with mantra, meditations, intentions

Plenty of Free time to rest or wander and explore rice fields, shops, whatever you fancy

What you need to know...

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  • Terms & Conditions

You will become a part of the warm and generous hearted Balinese family at Santra Putra Guesthouse in Penestanan, Ubud. A family owned and operated business in a quiet part of Ubud that is up on the ridge away from the hustle and bustle of Ubud central. Yet only a 15 minute walk to town.




Aesha Kennedy is an artist, creativity mentor, and yin yoga and meditation instructor, and Human Design guide. Her mission is to help women fully accept who they are, and own their unique expressions in  life and business 

She offers online programs and 1:1 coaching specialising in:

• Creative FLOW - art making fun for women who want to reconnect to their creative playfulness.

• VIP Spacious Success - for spiritually aware, highly sensitive women who are in business and want to achieve their vision without burnout and busyness. 

Align and Shine ® Human Design guidance sessions

• Retreats - Bali BlossOM retreats in Ubud and Australia for the last 8 years.

Aesha loves nature, creativity, silence, belly laughs, Pico Salt Dark Chocolate, a good red wine, connection with women in circle, and ocean swims.

"Aesha's BlossOM Yoga Retreat was for me the ultimate body and Soul nurturing experience. Every detail was expertly and intuitively planned by Aesha.

I came away with a sense of peace and calm that has endured since returning to my day to day life. I have never felt such sense of loving connection and healing with a group of women before. Simply the ultimate self-care and sharing experience you can gift to yourself."

Liz R. (Australia)

"Aesha’s energy is just so exquisite and by the end of the retreat I could totally see why so many of the attendees had mentioned in the opening circle that for them, this retreat was non-negotiable, an annual ultimate act of self care and self love.

I can’t wait to return!"

Sal Jade (Australia)

"Aesha’s retreats are organic and flow beautifully. Her attention to detail balanced with intuitive organising skill is a gift I have been delighted to share in. I laughed cried and grew closer to the best version of myself. Thank you Aesha."

Michelle M. (Australia)

"Everyday of Aesha’s BlossOM retreat I felt like a queen with a nourished heart and soul. 

I felt honoured to connect with other like-minded, heart centred women and was able to safely express myself in a multitude of creative and inspiring ways. The retreat was the greatest gift to myself. Highly recommend. Thank you Aesha!"

Kym Marmulla (Australia)

"Aesha provides a safe space for all to happen with support and nourishment for the soul spirit and stomach...the three S,s"

Heather D. (Australia)

"Every single moment of my time, everyday was a new treasure. Such a rich and vitalising experience. A soft connection to this land and the Balinese people their spirituality.

Ten days of my life spent in the best possible way – a rich treasure trove of experiences which will influence my choices for the rest of my life."

Diwani Oak (Australia)