Bali BlossOM Retreat for Women 

Our retreats are renowned for creating lifelong change and bringing together like minded women from around the globe. Unfortunately, due to the current situation throughout the world our retreats are on hold and we hope that in 2022 we can resume our Bali Retreats for some much needed alignment and joy.

In the meantime, we welcome you to enjoy the comments from past retreat participants and soak in the images from our previous retreats. If you would like to be notified when our next retreat is scheduled, please subscribe below to receive our regular newsletter including news of upcoming retreats and events.

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"The BlossOm Retreat run by the delightful Aesha Kennedy is simply a pervading joy in my life. I never fail to realise deep connections and to strengthen existing ones. To challenge my negative belief systems and receive guidance (divine and earthbound) to be ever moving forward on this wonderful earth walk. So profoundly grateful 🙏 Namaste"

Angelique Bavich, Aug 2019


"If you want to reconnect to your true self, discover your inner wisdom and peaceful space from where you can draw strength, inspiration and reconnect to the power of who you are, this the retreat that will deliver all this and more. Namaste"

Christina Cabrera, Aug 2019


"Thank you Aesha for creating an amazing space for us to retreat back from the world for a while and then come back to it stronger, wiser and more beautiful. I loved everything about it and adored connecting with so many amazing women. Look forward to returning to retreat with you again for many years to come."

Claire Whitelaw Brown, Aug 2019


"This yoga retreat has been good for my mind, body and soul. Unaware of what I was getting into when I booked with my friends, I have been delighted by the whole experience. I feel a deep transformation has taken place, and I look forward to seeing what wonder lies ahead for me. Thank you Aesha Kennedy for beautifully holding the space for me to learn, grow & transform. I will be back again for sure!"

Vanessa Medling, 2019


"I thought I was coming to a yoga retreat. I got that - and so much more. I was graced in ways that are life changing and leave here knowing I am perfectly placed to step into the next chapter of my life." Bronwen Sciortino, 2019


"Aesha, where to start? There are not enough words to share how amazing I feel as we wrap up another BlossOm retreat. Thank you for your vision and calling to bring women together to create and thrive. I feel truly blessed." Shannon Bush, 2018

Nothing is Solid


"It was initially challenging to give myself the gift of coming on retreat and my experience with Aesha and the beautiful women was so transformative. Deeply loving, connecting, restful, and blossoming. Thank you so much for holding such a loving sacred and allowing space. It's a now a non-negotiable to join you again. I have a new circle of sisters now I'll cherish forever." Mandy Siegel, Aug 2018 Speak with Confidence -

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"Imagine a place and a space where you can be your own true, real, authentic and raw self. You are gently held as each day a new light dawns in your heart. Until, through all the purposeful and meaningful processes, your inner strength shines unhindered and free. Dive off the cliff, gorgeous soul, you will come home." Angelique Bavich, Aug 2018

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