Being and Doing is one thing

There is in-breath (inhale) and there is out-breath (exhale), and together is breathing. But who is it that’s doing the breathing?

Most of the time we barely think of breathing and yet it happens without us DOING it. It requires no effort.

We live in a dualistic world here on planet Earth and tend to forget the source of all life is one same source creative energy that has created every form we see around us.

When we remember this one source, we start to part the clouds of ignorance and recognise there is no reality to the conditioned belief that we are separate individuals, and the imaginary differences we seem to focus on throughout time. The differences we make wars over.


I am you, you are me, we are one.

Recognising life comes from the same source no matter what name you give it.

Being and Doing is one thing

In my personal yoga practice over the years I’ve gone from being more focused on the doing elements of asana when I was younger, which felt fantastic in my body, to focusing more on being and what that means and how it has now melted into one energy of Being while Doing.

I have been contemplating on the dualism of being and doing. They are not mutually opposed things.

It gives us another perspective of what it means to live in the recognition of the oneness of all life, while doing our individual thing.

No matter which way I looked at it, it comes back to the necessity of dissolving  the sense of a separate self, the ego. It doesn’t actually exist. It’s a story, a belief, that we are separate beings.

When the sense of separate self begins to dissolve, we uncover our true self, our true nature of being.

When  we see, hear, feel we can begin to see through the eyes of consciousness, and hear from the expansiveness of consciousness.

Being as consciousness that is present awareness and watches and witnesses the doings in our lives.  The need of the separate self who wants to claim ownership of everything disappears.

We are not the doers in our lives.

Something vaster, unbound, untethered, unlimited moves through us. Grace.

We are in the grace state of Being while Doing

Remember the saying:

Before enlightenment, chop wood carry water.

After enlightenment, chop wood carry water.

But what a world of difference when the sense of a separate self dissolves.

With love & gratitude,

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