Being Human

Being Human

Being human is an absolutely amazing experience. It may sometimes feel tough, and challenging, and even horrible. When you feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges, sit for a moment, close your eyes and feel your breathing, your aliveness. This aliveness is all that is right now. Stay with this feeling of aliveness.  When we pause and notice our breathing it helps us to see the thoughts and feeling-emotions that come up, and gives us a chance to see them as they are. Simply thought forms.  It helps us recognise that there are no permanent solid thoughts and we open the possibility to re-condition our humanness and transform negative thought forms into more life-enhancing ones that are aligned with the true nature of who we are.


We are not stuck. We are not finite. We can shift our narrowed focus of believing that every thought we have is reality and expand into living in the really-real.


The really-real is a term I’ve started using to describe living in presence. The I am consciousness that is there …ALWAYS. Always there.


No matter what is going on this presence is happening all the time. Most of us are not taught to focus on this unchanging always-there-presence. But we are born with it. We are it.  Before we learn our name and told who we are, we are in the state of pure aware presence. Every baby. You can look at them and see it in their eyes. They are still totally in presence connected to the really-real.


Then we learn how to be human. This is an extraordinary journey. We each gather unique learnings and conditionings from our environment. In our humaness we forget the oneness and the joyful freedom of our connection to all that is. We believe in our separateness. We see things as separate. This is the human experience. It’s unavoidable. With being human comes everything.  EVERYTHING. Joy, pain, happiness, sorrow, love, anger, disappointment, excitement, love, loneliness. We begin to prefer one thing over the other, pushing aside feelings we judge, or we are conditioned to believe that some feelings and expressions are bad and others are good.


We strive to be perfect humans, and seek ways to feel good enough, to be loved and accepted. In our human experience we look on the outside in our environment to find those things. Searching, seeking. It’s beautiful and tragic at the same time because what we seek is already there. Yet we keep looking outside ourselves wanting something we think will bring us the freedom, happiness that we ultimately want to get back to. One only needs read Shakespeare who was genius in describing our human condition and the play of life that we are all in.

In yogic terms it’s called Lila, life’s play and Maya, life’sIllusion. When we realise there is no separation, the illusion falls away. We still play in life’s big stage, but we don’t believe in the characters as “I” or  this is “me” or ‘you” as anything separate from the ground of presence.

Well…. I hope I didn’t lose you with that attempt of describing the indescribable. But there here are some simple tools we can use to shift our energies from separation to oneness




We have a unique facility, a capacity to live awakened to our true nature and be wholly human, with all our emotions, feelings, in each moment.  We have the ability to live in the really-real AND be human.There is a huge shift of awakening on our planet. It’s calling us to awaken while we are still in human form.  In yogic terms its called Jivanmukti. Awakened while still in the human body. We don’t have to wait until physical death to remember, omg yes, this is who I really am and I forgot.

• make time in your day to come home to yourself and feel the aliveness of the very present moment

It can be as simple as closing your eyes and taking one conscious breath and do this throughout the day.


• pay attention, don’t judge, be curious

Life is happening even without our sense of self and although we think we are in control, we make it happen, I want to suggest that you begin to question if this is true? Question your need to control and ask yourself if you actually have any control at all, or does thinking you have control  make you feel safe or give you a sensation that you are someone “doing” something that will improve upon a situation. But what needs to be improved upon when everything is unfolding perfectly in divine timing?

Embrace that life is happening WITH us, not TO us and totally let go of any victimhood and the sense of “doership”. Experiment for yourself to see if things can still happen and get done without the identification of doership.

Can you trust in this life that absolutely wants to help you come home and awaken to the truth that everything you seek is already in the presence of what is happening right now. Whatever is happening right now is neither good/bad, right/wrong/ light/dark, day/night. The mind likes to think in dualities but the essence of who we are is beyond dualistic thinking. Close your eyes, feel your aliveness and your connections to all that is.


If you practice the above 2 things for the next month you will find shift happening.

I’d love to know how you go and what insights, aha’s happen for you. Leave a comment below or send me an email.

If you have questions or need support I am here to support and guide you.

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With love and gratitude,

With love & gratitude,

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