Worrier or Warrior

I used to be a worrier. Now I'm a warrior. The difference? The warrior trusts ... trusts in something bigger, vaster than my mind's reality.Love, Divine, God, Source.. The worrier tries to do everything herself and is highly attached to things working out the way she...

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Return to Rest

Hello beautiful soul,  There is nothing that arises in us that needs getting rid of. Nothing needs fixing. There is no solution, because there is no problem. There is no perfection because it doesn't exist.   We spend an exhausting amount of time on trying to fix or...

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Second Arrow

I love this so much. It’s a teaching that I first heard from Thich Nhat Hahn about pain and suffering. Pain is part of human experience. We cannot avoid pain if we are in a human body, but suffering is something different. Suffering comes with the shooting of the 2nd...

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Return to Love

How do we embrace enjoying life every moment when life feels heavy? How do we embrace love at times like this?   It’s a good question. One I have had to ask myself in recent months as an unexpected life situation landed unexpectedly at my feet. You can be planning...

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