Unlock your feminine creative energy

Your feminine power is the innate energy that will help your business be the highest expression of who you are and what you're here to do. 

What blocks us is

  • self-doubt 
  • resistance
  • perfectionism 
  • control
  • over-thinking things
  • using patriarchal methods that aren't aligned

SPACIOUS SUCCESS mentorship is for women in business who are highly sensitive and empathic. Women who are ready to breakthrough into a new way of working that fits to who they are, and not the other way around.

No more fitting into ways of working that don't work for you. 

Learn how to work ALIGNED to who you are that feels

S P A C I O U S 

and in F.L.O.W.  = Free, Liberated, Open, Wild

As a highly sensitive, empathic, introvert, and a Human Design Projector, I had to find a way to be in business that works for me.  

I know all too well what it feels like to:

  • not be recognized and seen 
  • second guess myself when I don't see the outer confirmation
  • feel like I just don't have enough energy to see things through to completion
  • frustrated when there is little or no response to my offerings or shares
  • not being able to fit into good business strategies that work brilliantly for others

I struggled many years to do things the way I saw most of the world operating, even when I knew deep down inside that it didn't feel right and didn't work for me.

But I didn't know any other way.

I thought if I wanted to be successful I had to follow the formulas that were being taught by expert business coaches. It's not that their strategies weren't brilliant. It was that those strategies didn't seem to work for me. 

All of which felt like a curse in the early days in my online business, until I started to work on my inner strategies and align to the power within my sensitivity, the power within my empathy, and the power of being an open centered human design. Things shifted when I started to follow my own unique flow and accept all of who I am.

I got out of my head and into my heart so I could listen to my inner authority and follow it. 

And that's what I want for you. I won't tell you what to do. Instead I will help you find your ways to listen and truly honor who you are and use your inner authority to guide you. 

Imagine being confident and strong in yourself

  • No more forcing, hustling and pushing that feels yuck
  • No more looking for outer validation and approvals
  • No more exhaustion from trying to do it someone else's way
  • Trusting in your own pace and flow and knowing what that is.
Spacious Success

Be true to you and let your work express itself as you

Are you ready to breakthrough what holds you back from living in your spacious success?

Ready to explore and own your unique flow, even if it's unconventional and out of the box?

My VIP 1:1 coaching package is a bespoke high touch support.

Together we focus on what will help you attain your spacious success by knowing who you are, how you are called to serve and honouring and implementing the unique ways that bring you into FLOW


Find your own way to be visible and express yourself that's true to you following your unique Human Design soul blueprint

Increase your capacity to receive prosperity in alignment with your soul.

Develop trust in your inner authority, your intuition and instincts from your body.

Transmute feelings of not good enough, or needing outer validation / approval

Banish the Busy. Do less, focus better, and accomplish more in your own time with trust in your unique flow.

Let your soul-work serve you and your clients in a way that feels joyful and spacious 

Create a loving positive impact on the people around you; your family, friends

Build congruence between who you are and how that expresses in your business.

"The Spacious Success 1:1 mentorship has been great. I initially felt it is too easy. I’m not doing enough in my business. I use so little time. It feels so easy and so effortless. It is crazy to describe this, but I’m sure I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I have to remind myself that this might be the ‘new’ way to do it for me, and probably also others as well. 

I’ve enjoyed every part of it and feel tremendous like huge gifts that have been given to me throughout the Work together. I really enjoy the way you keep a sacred container that contains so much trust, clarity and loving vibes. Thanks for creating this container. I have been so happy to be in it."

Betina Jacobsen




Create a spacious new way of working that brings you success by being true to who you are and how you enjoy working.


  • Fear around being seen and heard
  • Being easily distracted, second guessing yourself
  • Feeling  busy and tired most of the time 
  • Working harder to grow your business
  • Procrastination, resistance, overthinking

6 x weekly 75-minute sessions via Zoom, plus support between sessions via Voxer app and email


Payment Plan Available

  • Understand YOU - your unique soul blueprint and gain inner confidence to be visible and share authentically.
  • Build trust and free yourself from self-judgment, doubt, perfectionism, and fear of not being enough.
  • Honour your sensitive, empathic nature and feminine creative side as your super powers and explore how to use these gifts to grow your unique business 
  • Create the spaciousness you crave. Slow down, cultivate presence, and learn how you can do less yet accomplish more, by following your innate feminine creative power
  • Bring harmony between your inner state of being and outer expression so you feel inspired, balanced, and content with how your life unfolds.


Book a spacious 20 minute chat to clarify if this is the breakthrough mentorship you want.  Obligation free and no pressure (it's not my style).


  • I draw on a diverse, creative range of skills to support you to be true to you and express your vision through your work.
  • Qualified Professional Life Coach specialising in creativity and the feminine energy for personal empowerment, wellness, life balance and effortless manifesting. Includes Human Design guidance of your specific unique soul blueprint.
  • Over 25 years of teaching yoga and mindful meditation practice. I bring a spiritual approach to help you breakthrough current challenges.
  • 15 years visual arts experience to help you understand your creative process and use your creativity and intuition.
  • 10 years corporate business experience.
  • And, most of all, my life experience and wisdom in knowing our boundless capacity to flourish through acceptance, compassion and undconditioned love.

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