My coaching programs are based on knowing:

You are a creative being

All the answers lie within you


As your coach I offer support to access the answers you need, implement aligned actions, and achieve desired outcomes.

My specialty is supporting women to move through their creative blocks (procrastination, doubt, resistance, perfectionism, etc) so they can fully develop their creative expressions.

I guide women in ways to re-connect with their shadow artist, the part of us that used to write, dance, paint, draw, sing, etc., but has been put into the shadows beneath our list of to do’s and priorities.  Releasing blocks and rediscovering the joy of your unique creative expression will spill into all areas of your life.


Remember that YOU are 
a creative being and your desires are like seeds planted inside you waiting for you to discover, nourish, and help them blossom.

When you do this… it is the greatest joy.




Start and follow-through on your ideas instead of just thinking about them


Develop trust in the intuition from your soul and the instincts from your body


Transform feelings of not good enough, lack mentality, unworthiness that stand in the way of creative expression.


Find your confidence to be courageously you and express yourself freely


Be accountable to bringing your gifts into the world


Have a loving positive impact on the people around you; your family, friends, co-workers


I draw on a diverse creative range of skills to support you in realising your vision



Qualified Professional Life Coach specialising in soul-purpose clarity,  creativity as personal empowerment, life balance, and effortless manifesting.


Over 25 years of teaching yoga and mindful meditation practice


15 years visual arts experience to help you understand your creating process (we are all creative beings)


10 years corporate business experience


And most of all my life experience and wisdom in knowing our boundless capacity to flourish through acceptance, compassion and love


Love what you’re creating and share what you love!

Individual Coaching Support


Total 12 sessions = 12 x 1-hour sessions via Zoom, plus email support between sessions

2 OPTIONS Available:

If your flow style is working quickly

3 month =  12 x WEEKLY one hour sessions via Zoom, plus email / phone support

$1200 total


If you like more time to integrate and implement between sessions

6 month = 6 x FORTNIGHTLY 1-hour sessions via Zoom, plus email / phone support

$ 1200 total


Make Shift Happen

This package will help you shift the blocks in the way of fully developing your creative artistic expressions and get you on tract with your creative passion project.

This 3-session package will help you identify what’s in the way and implement inspired actions that help you recover the joy of your personal creative expressions.

3 session package – $360 total

3 x 1 hour sessions via Zoom with email support



Starts on the new moon 6th January 2019

7 months membership with like minded women to connect share and support each other in a slow, unhurried pace to explore what gets in the way of your creative energy fully expressing itself. Start or finish projects, accelerate your art practices, and learn skills and techniques to help you grow your creative expression.

10 women only

Find more details HERE


What do you need help with and which program can best support you?  Clarity means you’ll know in your heart what’s right for you.  Clarity Call via Skype.



I had not at all planned on discussing my career, but her first question to me brought it out and I’m so glad we discussed it because I feel so supported and now have greater clarity about my approach, which is just so valuable to my next move. Thank you so much beautiful for your words and guidance. Highly recommend her. Aesha has such genuine warmth, friendliness and openness to discuss whatever your needs are. Thanks again. Time to move forward with my vision. Woohoo..

Belinda P. - Australia

I am Light

Thank you so much for holding a safe, loving and judgement free space for me while I slowly built up my confidence in putting myself and my creations out there. I have loved all our sessions and have seen some great shifts after each one.
I love how you question limiting beliefs to turn them around so beautifully and lead by example. You are a master mind gremlin killer!
Thank you for your gentle yet firm approach. I am now seeing my own gifts with a lot more clarity. I got off out last call so excited about the things that I am currently doing and more that I would like to bring forth in the coming months. Extremely grateful to have your support on this journey.
Alisha Lamba, Australia

Inner Vitality coach and mentor,

Thank you for creating and manifesting this Align & Shine support spiral, the blossom way. You are truly an inspiration and leader for the modern woman.




Tricia Siva, NSW Australia

Thank you for the discovery session! I love your energy and spirit.  I look forward to incorporating the guidance you provided me into my daily practice. Every woman would benefit from your knowledge, experience and wisdom.  You share your information in a loving, gentle way and you hold space for others to express themselves. Thank you for our time together, I look forward to more sessions with you!

Joan Salvatore, USA

Our most recent women’s circle was a beautiful thing to be a part of. Aesha creates a safe, nurturing and nourishing space for women to gather, share, create, explore, relax and be. We were taken through some beautiful relaxation/meditations, which allowed me to experience a beautiful feeling of lightness, calm and clarity. She has a way of sending me into a wonderfully blissful and relaxed state, while maintaining awareness. Through the exercises we did as part of the workshop Aesha shared the beautiful gift of empowerment, through the realisation that all we value, all we want to be, and all we want to project, is what we already are. She gives women the tools to realise their potential as well as their unique and wonderful qualities, and how to embrace these fully in daily life. Thank you Aesha, for your wisdom, generosity and love.

Robyn Bell, NSW Australia

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