027: Creative Pivot with Aesha Kennedy

CREATIVE PIVOT with Aesha Kennedy

How you can make a Creative Pivot whenever you feel creatively blocked.

Today’s episode is a solo show with your host, Aesha Kennedy, coach and mentor for creative visionary women.

It’s happened to all of us. Times when we are making our ‘art’ and we hit resistance, feel stuck, lost and uninspired. We forget that this is part of the creative process – the ebb time.

Instead of feeling ok when we are in an ebb time we tend to judge ourselves, judge our creations and rather than being ok about it all we feel like our creativity has dried up and died. 

This is when it’s so important to expand your perspective and TRUST in your creative process of ebbs and flows and see them as equally important. 

I talk about navigating this process and 4 things you can implement to help you when you are in those ebbing times of your creative process.

• Be with what is. Acknowledge when you feel stuck and nothing is working. Give yourself permission to step away instead of forcing an outcome.

• Do something completely different and unrelated to your creative project. Something you ENJOY doing.

• Start a small daily practice that will feel replenishing and recharging

• Get a copy of The Artist Way by Julia Cameron and do the exercises in the book. Especially the morning pages.

Listen to the episode for more in-depth descriptions

Let me know how you go.


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