030: Manifesting through the Voice with Dominique Oyston

Manifesting through VoiceManifesting through the voice

with Dominique Oyston

Dominique Oyston embodies the goddess voice. She is a speaker, writer, dream weaver and international singer. 

For over 25 years she has performed throughout the world with award winning acts and now runs coaching programs to build confidence and authenticity to empower creative potential.

Her work, “Manifesting through the Voice and the Feminine Path of Power”, teaches women to connect with the soul signature of their voice, to fully manifest their destiny, embody their potential and claim their hearts desires. She is a true teacher of the Mysteries and the manifesting power of the Voice.

Dominque is passionate about helping women become more voiced and visible, conquer ancient and recent fears around the voice, and step out of hiding and embody their message and their vision.

We talk about ancient and recent fears and how we can begin to overcome them to find our purposeful voice. How we relate to our voice, how to use the voice we’ve been gifted, How it can show us our purpose and express our skills and unique gifts.

“Activate more of your brilliance and more of your potential through becoming more voiced and more visible”



• Your unique voice reflects your unique purpose

• The benefits of discovering your purposeful voice for female business entrepreneurs

• Distinction between expressing and revealing yourself

• The seven thresholds

• The Mystery schools and the healing power of vibrational sound

• Skill sets


BONUS sound toning with crystal bowl at the end of the episode (37:51)


Connect with Dominique Oyston

WEBSITE: https://www.dominiqueoyston.wixsite.com 

FB private group: Awaken your Voice


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