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Brilliant Misfits is a podcast about women who didn’t fit in and explores how this has helped them create amazing lives and businesses by courageously following their heart and doing it their own way.


I’ll be interviewing women from all walks of life on their area of expertise including entrepreneurship, mindfulness & spirituality, feminine leadership in business, being an artist, feminine empowerment, marketing & branding and more…

You’ll hear how courage, resilience, honesty, intuition, creativity, spirituality, integrity, vulnerability play a part in the quest to be true to who they are and be brilliant at what they do.

The intention of the podcast is for you to be inspired to re-connect to your own creative essence, learn from the wisdom and take-away tips generously shared on each episode to support you to believe in yourself, know you’re enough and create a life and business that allows you to BE YOU and BE BRILLIANT.

New episodes fortnightly Wednesday mornings AEST!


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059: Intuitive Art with Aesha Kennedy

This week is a solo show with Aesha Kennedy talking about her recent trip to Bali and what she learned about intuitive art-making from contemporary Balinese painter Karja.

058: Express Your True Voice

Express Your True Voice WITH GUEST MANDY SIEGEL Express your true voice in life, have connected communication and share your message is the passionate work that Mandy Siegel brings into the world. Mandy is a transformational speaker, coach, educator and...

056: Creating as Meditation with Aesha Kennedy

Aesha is an artist, life coach, mindfulness yoga teacher who is helping women rediscover their innate creativity so they can find unique ways to express their work in the world.

055: Dare to Flourish with Mitle Southey

Mitle Southey works with women who have reached that stage where they are ready to say yes to the deeper purpose of their life and are willing to relinquish feelings of unworthiness to achieve it.

054: Fear is a Messenger with Amanda Roberts

In this episode, with guest Amanda Roberts, we dive into some juicy discussions around fear as a messenger, and why it’s important to embrace the message that fear has for us instead of constantly trying to rid ourselves of fear.

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