Calm Within the Storm

Calm within the Storm

Where I live we’ve just seen the destruction of a cyclone.

When you look at an aerial view you can see the centre, or eye of the storm which is relatively calm compared to the outer parts of the cyclone spinning and destroying all in it’s path.

It reminds me that we too have a calm interior whilst on the outside our lives can be turbulent and stormy.

How do we connect to this calm interior?

The storm is the mind … or more descriptive… the thoughts which make up mind.

Thinking mind can have us in the throws of turbulence. Unconsciously we are reacting to the tsumani waves of thoughts all the time… until we pause… and connect to the still centre, the calm interior. It’s there. Always. It’s not that thinking is bad. It’s that we can believe too much in the reality created by our thoughts without questioning it.

In the mindfulness of Yin Yoga practice we aim for stillness and connection to the vast calm within. It means diving deeper beyond the thinking mind. Within the calm we connect to the creative potential and possibilities. There is space to tap into our soul’s wisdom.

But one doesn’t have to be on the mat to connect to the calm within.


Shift the attention of your mind

  • Bring attention to your breath. The more you practice the more calm you will feel. You can also place one hand on your heart and one on your belly as you breathe.
  • Notice the gaps in your breathing.. at the end of an exhalation and at the top of the inhalation. Increase the space consciously pausing for 2 seconds
  • As you breath notice your physical body sensations. Observe like a curious scientist and observe your thoughts and feelings

Include activities that give you childlike joy and pleasure

  • Activity doesn’t have to be BIG. You can do an activity like watching a sunset.
  • Remember times when you felt that peace. We all have at least one time in our lives when we felt expanded, connected, peaceful, happy. Notice what it was you were doing that brought you this sense of calm. Can you bring that more into your life?

With love & gratitude,

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